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Putting the art back

The company was born out of a distaste for today's mass-marketing, with its formulaic approach to writing. 

We want to put the art back into publishing, and so we have undertaken only to publish original and beautifully-crafted works with attention to historical detail and the poetry of language.


 A unique vision

Sparsile Books is a small boutique publisher, specializing in literary fiction and high quality
non-fiction. We have an old-fashioned approach, which sees publishing in terms of an art.

At Sparsile, we work cooperatively with our authors to ensure that the stories we publish give readers a unique vision of the world. 



At Sparsile, we have a commitment to avoid factory-style stories, which are neatly pigeon-holed.

We want to appeal to an audience tired of the stereotype, tired of being told what sort of books they want to read, and ready to embrace something just a little different.